Both Sides of the Coin - Songs of Conflict and Resolution (Special Edition) available to listen to for free.

This is a special edition album, written, produced, and performed by John V Kernaghan.
Initially, I was embarrassed and sceptical about performing the vocals: I have lost most of my left lung to cancer, making it quite a chore to breathe, let alone sing!
However, people lose legs and climb mountains. They lose their sight and sail across oceans. And so, I elected to become proud of my singing efforts, and I'm glad I did so. It was not easy. Sometimes, it took weeks to recover between vocal takes. 
Hopefully, listeners will appreciate the emotion that is intended, rather than dwell on the occasional - let's be generous and call it excessive vibrato!

Cancer must not stop us from striving to pursue lives which are as normal as possible.


Hopefully, future editions will evolve using the expertise of professionals, and interested collaborators should contact me using the information at the bottom of this page. Meanwhile, I've published them here for people to listen to so that they might get a feel for the entire story. I believe it's an important story. One that will likely be (sadly) contemporary forever. These songs and the associated story have been in me for decades. The inspiration to finally write the novel, came about because I purchases a new Apple computer that came with Garageband (a digital recording studio). Laying down the songs, inspired me to get the story down on paper and, happily, both projects have come to fruition about the same time. Hopefully, you will be inspired to read some of my other content. 




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