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Island Tones

my latest project is purely instrumental, and is inspired by living on a very small island that is subject to everything that the N. Atlantic pushes its way. Surprisingly, the island is full of wild-life, especially migratory birds and insects such as butterflies and bees, that help make the place so special. 

I have borrowed a few musical concepts from other works - Prelude to a Major Sea is an elaboration of Bach's Prelude in C major, and I've also incorporated some appropriate material from my other works, so I apologize for any repetition.

I'm a mediocre guitarist by preference and, prior to these projects, had never played the piano. Initially, I'd planned for the music to be guitar based, but I'm so glad to have delved into the keys! It's been a great learning process and, considering my lack of experience, I'm happy with the results. However, I was looking for a deeper-rooted connection to more traditional instruments like cellos and fiddles that are, in my opinion, almost impossible to artificially replicate. Anybody with the relevant skill sets, interested in collaboration can contact me using the form at the page bottom.


The people who reside in this place and it's larger, more populated neighbor, are diverse and multi-cultural and as such, I've tried to create music that is fusion orientated, combining classical with traditional rock, jazz, and even a dash of techno, cemented together by sounds that I hope reflect Nova Scotia's rich

folk-inspired music Heritage. 

Click on the button bellow to listen to the album!

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