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Genre: Humour/comedy/Mystery Drama/Romance

Harry Frobishire is at the top of his game.


He’s a sophisticate. He’s successful. He’s wealthy. He’s far too smart for his own good.

And nobody likes him.

Even his cat hates him, and when Mr Tibbs ferociously attacks him while he’s in the shower, Harry realises that he needs to heed The Don’s advice and seek external help.

On the spur of the moment, Harry’s sister, Belinda, manages to get him into a retreat on Lundy Island - a small, remote place situated off the coast of Devon. A retreat sounds good. It speaks to relaxation. Maybe a week of wine-tasting or fine dining.

Even yoga classes might be fun.

However, it would have been prudent for Harry to have taken a moment from his terribly important schedule to have actually read the brochure. Because when Harry turns up on the island equipped with his Indiana Jones-style hand luggage and a case of his favourite wines, he finds himself committed to a week entitled, A Retreat for Troubled Souls.

To make matters far worse than he could have possibly imagined, the troubled souls in question are three, highly delinquent, young people - a species that Harry has always despised - and just to compound things even more, they comprise a young man who has murdered his wife, a childlike woman whose estranged husband is on a terrorist watch list, and a deeply scarred alcoholic.

Thank God Harry has sufficient quantities of wine to get him through the week.

Or so he assumes.

Because there’s a storm coming. And it’s not just a weather event that will pin Harry Frobishire to his undesirable circumstances. The tempest that arrives in Harry’s life is both tragic and sinister, and it will change his life forever.

Lundy Island is surround by deep and treacherous waters, but they are nowhere near as profound or as turbulent as the mess that Harry’s irreverent mouth gets himself into.

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