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J V Kernaghan - getting saltier by the season!

My wife and I live on a tiny island situated off Atlantic Canada and our sailboat - that I found sinking in the Dominican Republic - in which we cruise the East coast.

I turned to the ocean because - rather ignorantly - I thought it would be an easier, safer alternative to my love of mountaineering. 

I write in the winter months when the wind howls and the rains clatter and the whole commotion of it all ignites my imagination.

I'm a trained sommelier and an experienced chef, and my wife is French Canadian, so food and wine are important to us. I also know my way around the strings of a guitar, and I blame my lack of vocal refinement on having had most of a lung removed due to cancer.

Food, wine, and the weather are all important to my writing, regardless of genre, because such things are in our DNA (particularly in my blood stream!) and to me, no character worth their salt is of interest without such details.

I'm particularly proud of my new project - Both Sides of the Coin. It's multi-media (literature and music) which is something I've never seen before. Many thanks to Apple Garageband that inspired me (after decades) to get it all out there!

I'm currently working on book 2 in the Offa series and another murder/mystery that has a hint of eeriness.

I have a motto tattoo on my arm - Dum Vivimus Vivamus - while we live, let us live.


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