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Many people who have had the opportunity of living on a sailboat turn to writing about their experiences.


For me, it was a deeply philosophical time in my life; I was divorced, estranged, and suddenly irrelevant after years of family and business affairs. At night, all I needed was a cool bottle of wine, a fresh sea breeze, and a billion stars to help me consider the new reality in which I found myself.


What I considered most, was the bazar nature of human egocentricity, the tenuous realities that modern life has encouraged us to create, and how our perceptions of our unique existence so affects our everyday lives.

Not always for the best.

And so I wondered what a whale would make of it all. And then I wondered how it would affect a person's insight if one could see reality through the eyes of such a creature.

That's mostly what this book is about; viewing reality through the eyes of others.

I wanted it to be funny, because it's such a serious thing. I wanted it to be happy, because it's such a sad situation we sometimes find ourselves in, and I wanted a degree of tragedy because, ultimately, seeing the other side of any coin, is quite possibly the most enlightening thing a human being can ever do.

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