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Gastrosensuality - no need to hyphenate!

Even Walt Disney got it - In Lady and the Tramp, the two main characters (who happen to be dogs) accidently pick up different ends of the same strand of pasta which, inexorably, leads to a kiss, or at least a close encounter of snouts.


Gastronomy and sex are an inherent part of the cultures of many different species, but nowhere else on earth is the relationship so well established, or so extravagant, as it is in Homo-sapiens (note the hyphen).

At the very least, that relationship needs its own word.

After considerable deliberation, I opted for Gastrosensual over Gastrosexual because sexuality is just a facet of sensuality. When I consider Gastrosensuality, it evokes ideas such as ambiance of space, textualities of tables and their cloths, plates and cutlery, colour, aroma, and taste - all facets of the rich tapestries of our various cultures.

Gastronomy is important to us; it separates us from every other creature on the planet, and it unites us more than any social or religious ideal possibly could. Which is one of the reasons that I cannot keep myself from injecting the subject into most of my writing.


After all, Rollo Hastings is not the type of character who gets by on hotdogs!

And I won't be changing its spelling on the book cover.

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