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Details & Synopsis

Genre: Historic fiction/Adult adventure/Romance/Humour/ Grittiness & occasional brutality.

Offa is a child of Britannia.

Adopted by Roman society, and a retired hero of the legendary Second Augusta, he is required by his parents to return to his native Britannia in order to reclaim his mother’s heritage and to establish trade-routes in the name of his step-father who would profit from the anticipated invasion. Equipped with a small army and a generous amount of Roman arrogance, Offa expects to easily impress his mother’s people with his military prowess and his natural superiority.  Instead, he finds the Elfydd - the defenders of the last great forest, an enigmatic and highly sophisticated folk led by Druwyff and his fair daughter, Afric.  And he also finds Caradog, a man who would be king of the Silures, the warlike tribe that controls the lands around the great river.

Offa must manage those that would manipulate him. On the one hand, Druwyff and Afric see him as a vital asset in their salvation from the forces of Aulus Plautius, Rome’s intended governor of Britannia. On the other, Caradog’s irrepressible aggression and unreliability is a threat to all.

And then, he must face the greatest of betrayals - the deceit and corruption of the Roman Empire itself as it conspires against his own family. As Rome turns against him, Offa finds himself caught up in the defence of the Winter Forest and all its hidden treasures.  But he is not alone and nor is he without resource. He finds great alliance with the mysterious Guider - a trader who could unite both the Elfydd and the Silures. Offa has access to the secret potential of the Winter Forest, and he has the support of his trusted companions who will help him exploit it.

History will pronounce Caradog as the folk hero who defended Wales from the Roman invasion of 43AD, but herein - in this tale that melds folklore, mythology, and historical fact - you will learn that it was actually Offa who orchestrated that resistance.

Available as Hardback: US14.95
Available on Kindle: US2.99
Rating: Adult
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