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People like Harry Frobishire (with an Ire) are dinosaurs - today's computer informed generation have little regard for such characters. And why should they, when everything they need to know is instantly available via a click of the button? 

As I've grown older, I've noticed the huge disconnect between generations. Particularly in this, the on-line era, where our entire existence is about connectivity!

It's easy to imagine people (even successful people) falling between the cracks of social norms and becoming outcasts to their peers.

Harry Frobishire is such a man. When he was young and successful, he was popular and funny. Now, he's considered as being angry and disdainful.

Harry is a man who has lived his life on his own terms who seldom considers the needs of those with whom he interacts.

His narcissism eventually leads to isolation and unhappiness - as it nearly always does.
Narcissism, particularly amongst the most disfranchised, is just as addictive as drugs and alcohol. As a way of dealing with his addiction, I wanted to put Harry in an inescapable situation; one where he is forced to address his own problems by being required to confront the issues of those who reside on completely different sides of the generational and social gap that divides him from his own perceptions of reality.

And I wanted that story to be ironically humorous, intriguing, tragic, and yet, ultimately, uplifting.

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