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Both Sides of the Coin - The explosive, new novel from John V Kernaghan.

Following the assassination of Lord Mountbatten and the massacre of 18 soldiers at Warrenpoint, Margaret Thatcher received her first Royal Decree.
Five simple words: I want them all dead.

There is anger and bitterness amongst the ranks of the British forces in Northern Ireland.

Embedded in a regular regiment in order to gain familiarity with the people and the streets of Belfast, Mathew Price is confronted with the horrific demise of his best friend.
A week later, he is responsible for the death of the pregnant wife of Sean McGee.
Expecting shame and dishonor, Mathew finds himself lured into a game of lethal deception as he is coerced into extracting revenge on behalf of the British government; a game that culminates in a savage attempt on his own life and his subsequent self-imposed obscurity.
Having served time in the Maze prison, Sean McGee is ordered to find and kill Mathew Price.
Sean is the perfect weapon. Forged by bitterness and anger. Consumed by hatred and his need for revenge, he embarks upon a journey that will take him to parts of the world that he has only ever dreamed of.
As he follows in Mathew’s enigmatic footsteps, he will learn much about himself and the man he has been ordered to kill.

Two men, entangled by conflict. Their lives defined by the darkest aspects of human nature. And yet, despite their destinies compelling them to make horrific choices and confront overwhelming loss, they eventually come to terms with one of the most fundamental of human concepts.

That it’s never too late to turn and face the light.

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